Books I have read and recommend:


Factory Physics – Wallace J. Hopp & Mark L. Spearmann

I would summarize the whole book into two letters: SD (standard deviation). Understanding the probability distribution and its standard deviation is behind of all the production managament.

Books focuses on production management and it is excellent for anyone involved with manufacturing. Books is quite comprehensive with all the history but it is also informative because different production philosophies are given their basis and possible stumbling blocks that they have fallen into.


Mathematical part of the books is also wide. This is good because formulas are not just given, but their basis and purposes are dealt also.

Most of the posts in this blog so far are summarized from this book

Factory Physics @ Amazon


Purchasing & Supply Chain Management – Arjan Van Weele

Focuses mainly on purchasing. Procurement is dealt from its strategic point of view, risk management and quality management of outsourcing etc.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management @ Amazon


This is LEAN – Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström

Short and succint book about the deepest philosophy behind the LEAN. Good examples about how LEAN can be used in health care. I recommend this especially if you know nothing about LEAN. Even though you do know some you can find new perspectives.

Book emphasizes that LEAN is not something that you can copy, it is something deeper, way of thinking. That’s why I recommend this also for production workers so they can understand the deeper philosophy behind LEAN methods and practices.

This is Lean: Resolving the Efficiency Paradox @ Amazon



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